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Spring & Fall Cleanup

Spring & Fall Cleanup Services

Spring & Fall CleanupSpring and fall cleanups are crucial for the health and looks of your lawn. Many homeowners disregard them, thinking that blowing leaves from time to time is enough to keep things in proper shape. Nevertheless, many of our clients request our West Professional spring and fall cleanup services as independent activities or as smaller parts of a bigger maintenance plan because they know their importance.

Reliable West Professional Spring & Fall Cleanup Services

In spring, you may be anxious about the burst of life on your property, but let us not forget that winter can leave behind a terrible mess. Fall cleanup is daunting, especially if you have many trees. This is where we come in!

Spring Cleanup

This service includes (without being limited to) the following activities:

  • Raking of compacted flowerbeds;
  • Pruning of perennial dead foliage and removing it from the property;
  • Power blowing dead/diseased leaves and vegetal debris;
  • Lawn mowing;
  • Bagging and hauling away all organic matter;
  • Dethatching and soil aeration;
  • Hand-raking, etc.

Fall Cleanup

This service includes (without being limited to) the following activities:

  • Lawn mowing;
  • Thorough raking, vacuuming, and removal of fall’s leaves;
  • Blowing leaves and removing debris from the property;
  • Dethatching and aeration;
  • Bagging and hauling away all organic matter, etc.

We can customize any of these activities to meet your needs. You may have started with some of them but, for some reason, you cannot continue. Do not worry, as we can pick up where you left off, preparing your lawn and landscape for spring or winter with the utmost of care!

You should also know that we can provide you with integrated and elaborate lawn care and maintenance programs, including spring and fall cleaning and preparations. However, you should also consider flowerbeds maintenance, regular lawn mowing, shrubs, and hedge trimming, and more!

Should You Choose Our West Professional Seasonal Cleanups Services?

We have many happy and returning customers and your area and, if you listen to them, you will learn that we take a lot of pride in caring for each patch of lawn as if it was our own. We show nature the respect and love it deserves, so we tailor all our interventions having sustainability in mind. Moreover, here are some things you should know about:

  • We follow the schedules and show up on time, so you do not worry about us messing with your plans;
  • We understand the importance of professional ethics and conducts – from our branded trucks and uniforms to our excellent customer service; we put our clients first at all times;
  • You won’t have to worry about our workers or your property while we work for you: we carry licenses and insurance policies. Everything is safe from the moment we arrive at the moment we close the gate behind us (after we cleaned the place once the job finishes, of course);
  • We work only with trained specialists in horticulture and landscaping, using the most advanced tools and technologies so we can offer you efficiency, reliability, and measurable results;
  • You will benefit from our Satisfaction Warranty Policy: in case you are not 100% content with what we did, we will come back and fix things; if you are still displeased with the results, you will receive a full refund.

You can take our word for it or, but don’t! Put us to the test instead! Ask for a free estimate by mail or phone, plan a thorough discussion with our experts, and enjoy our risk-free, satisfaction guaranteed spring and fall cleanup services starting today!

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