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West Professional Lawn Care offers its clients a broad range of year-round lawn and landscape maintenance services. We provide our clients with the versatility and flexibility of choosing one or more regular or seasonal activities, or of opting for our integrated program.

West Professional Lawn Care Services

Our team of qualified pros can provide you with the following services, regardless of your property size:


A regular and mandatory task, lawn mowing ensures the neat look and the excellent health of your yard. Our team uses the latest and most hi-tech equipment and tools in the field to keep your lawn lush and to thrive all year long.

Whether you want us to revamp the looks of your property, boost your home’s curb appeal, or offer you and your family a beautiful leisure space, you can count on us to manicure your lawn to perfection.


Installing mulch on a property plays a handful of roles, all adding up to your lawn and landscape’s looks and health:

  • By introducing new mulch or by refreshing the existing layer, we make sure your flower beds, trees, shrubs, and vegetation is safe against extreme weather phenomena, pests, weeds, rodents, and other threats;
  • Mulch has a wholesome side to it, as you probably know: it slowly decomposes to nourish the soil, feed, and protect the plants’ roots;
  • Last but not least, mulch has an excellent aesthetic value, offering your property a composed, streamlined, and neat finish, making it worthy of any outdoor design magazine’s cover.
  • By using mulch as a fertilizer, safeguard, and decorative element, we reinforce our commitment to offering sustainable and environmentally friendly services to our clients.


West Professional Lawn Care offers full flowerbed maintenance services to its clients so they can enjoy colorful and scented yards and gardens all year long. Flowerbeds need constant care and supervision, professionals to tackle all issues, from pests to weeds, and a real inclination for aesthetics.


A gorgeous property needs constant care. For this reason, our experts at West Professional Lawn Care have specialized in shrub and hedge trimming – a necessary activity ensuring its neat look and its robust health. You may try trimming and pruning your shrubs and hedgerows, but with our tools, landscape architecture know-how, and horticulture experience, we can do an excellent job. We know when and how to cut, shape and reshape your vegetation, give it a classy look or a sleek, modern flair.


A healthy and thriving property needs maintenance all year long. Our specialists are here to offer you spring and fall cleanups to preserve the health and looks of your property. By removing the vegetal debris with a seasonal frequency, we make sure your lawn and garden do not become vulnerable to pests, weeds, rodents, or soil clogging. Moreover, spring and fall cleanups services ensure your property looks great all year long.

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