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Mulching Installation

Mulching Installation and Refreshing

Mulching InstallationWhen it comes to sustainable lawn care and maintenance, mulch is probably one of the best and most straightforward methods to add nourishment, protection, and beauty to any property. Nevertheless, the installation or the refreshment of mulch layers require professional competencies. Here, at West Professional Lawn Care, we have specialized in different types of mulches, and we are here to offer you our year-round services!

Mulching Installation and Refreshing Services

Our specialists will first discuss with you about your lawn and garden, factoring in the type of soil on your property, the vegetation present, and your needs/requirements regarding mulch. Only after we have the bigger picture, we can present you with several options for mulch installation or refreshment. Here are some things you need to know:

  • Mulch comes in two main varieties: organic and inorganic;
  • Moreover, experts talk about hard mulch and soft mulch, each of the two types being of use for different kinds of trees, shrubs, perennial beds, etc.;
  • Depending on the decomposition speed of different types of organic mulch, some varieties are more acidic, for instance, decomposing slower and working better in some parts of your property.
  • Besides its decorative role, mulch is an eco-friendly solution for soil (plant roots’) nourishment, weed control, wildlife and pest control;
  • Mulching is a seasonal activity – for this reason, you should talk to our specialists about the best times to apply a new layer of mulch or refresh the existing one;
  • If you do not master the science (and art) of mulching, things can get problematic, especially when you add mulch around trees; you have to follow strict application rules to prevent trees’ harming;
  • Our mulch experts at West Professional Lawn Care have the education, knowledge, and experience to recommend you the best types of mulches that best fit the needs and the state of your landscape.

Year-Long West Professional Lawn Care Services

Our lawn care company can provide clients with year-round maintenance services, including mulch installation and refreshing as part of a more elaborate yearly lawn care strategy. As you cannot have a lush lawn and landscape in the absence of some necessary activities (working together in perfect coordination), our experts will see to integrating lawn care tasks in a proposal meeting your needs and exceeding your expectations.

Why Should You Choose our West Professional Mulching Services?

Our lawn care company works only with trained and experienced professionals in fields such as horticulture and agriculture, our high professional ethics, reliability, and transparency turning us into a model of good practices in the area.

We use the latest equipment and technologies, and we always have the environment in mind when we perform our duties. Moreover, you will permanently know when we come over for a job, as we praise punctuality and respect towards the customer.

Last but not least, we operate with insurance policies and satisfaction warranties: if you do not fully enjoy our results, we will come back and redo things. In case you are still not content 100% with our work, you will receive a full refund.

Allow us to turn your yard and garden into a thriving patch of outdoor paradise with our mulching services! Contact us today for a discussion, free estimates, and more details about who we are and what we can do for you!

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