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Flowerbed Maintenance

Flowerbed Maintenance Services

Flowerbed MaintenanceWhat would a landscape be without its perennial or evergreen flowerbeds? Moreover, what would a garden be without flowers? Our West Professional flowerbed maintenance services cover all your needs when it comes to garden and landscape maintenance. If you care about the health and looks of your property, you should know the following things:

Expert West Professional Flowerbed Maintenance Services

When you contact our team for a free estimate or a general discussion related to year-long lawn care, our experts will ask you plenty of questions about your flowerbeds, their state, and the plans you have for them. We can provide you with regular seasonal flowerbed maintenance services, including, but not limited to the following:

  • Regular inspections for growth, fertilization, and weed problems, damages caused by the weather or other external factors, soil pH, and more;
  • Removal of spent flowers, flower care, and seasonal cuts to promote bountiful blooming;
  • Weed control by professional means;
  • Insect control, with a focus on potential pest issues;
  • Watering assessments – as you know, proper irrigation is a crucial activity for the adequate maintenance of flower beds;
  • Mulching – you can also check our mulching service page to learn more about our take on this essential eco-friendly type of application. Our mulching specialists can offer their services to maintain your flowerbeds, trees, and shrubs in a healthy, aesthetic manner.
  • Fertilization – regular fertilization and treatments are also core components of a thorough, successful lawn and landscape maintenance strategy. Talk to our West Professional Lawn Care experts about this particular activity;
  • Seasonal cleanups – another service we can provide to all our clients, flowerbed cleanups are crucial for you to preserve the health, strength, and beauty of your flowerbeds and property in general.

Why Should You Work with West Professional Lawn Care?

As you could figure out from the presentation above, our specialists in lawn care, horticulture, and landscaping can offer you year-round integrated lawn and landscape services, including lawn mowing, shrub, and hedge trimming, mulching, seasonal cleanups, and more. Besides our versatile and flexible property management programs, there are more reasons why you should choose us:

  • We have years of training and practice in horticulture and landscape management;
  • We have an impeccable working, ethical code and above-standard customer service – two pillars sustaining our company and attracting new customers every day;
  • We are reliable and trustworthy, always keeping our word, respecting our schedules, and communicating openly with our clients at all times;
  • We take pride in our outstanding work, and it shows in all the details, from the branded trucks and uniforms to the thoughtfulness we apply when caring for each particular property, no matter its size;
  • You will never worry about us: we clean after ourselves and we carry safety insurances and certificates from the moment we enter your property to the one we close the gate behind us; our guarantees allow you a necessary peace of mind, as they protect both our workers and your property;
  • We design all our interventions with the environment in mind, and we strive to offer our clients the safest, most advanced, and most reliable equipment, solutions, treatments, and techniques.

You do not have to take us at face value, however! Call us today, request a free estimate, and let’s get the conversation going! You will be happy to learn we enforce a Satisfaction Warranty for all our clients, making our collaboration risk-free for you!

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